The first in Italy

Made with passion and tradition

Founded in 1952 as an artisanal company by Sir Pietro Ferraro, Industria Alimentare Ferraro – food industry, today targets both the Italian and foreign markets as a supplier for large retail chains and catering companies, producing under its own brand and for third parties in private label. In addition to an important presence on the Italian market, the company realizes over 75% of its turnover abroad, gaining an ever increasing market share. The size reached today by the company and its organizational structure on a the project, trade, and manufacturing level, are the result of a strongly pursued development characterized by a clear and well-defined corporate strategy aimed at offering a more complete and diversified range of products. All products are made in Italy with a high quality standard, and very appreciated in the most important markets worldwide: the Netherlands, England, Ireland, Spain, Germany, South Africa, USA, Canada, Far East, South America, Western Europe. The company selects only the finest ingredients for its products, in order to provide an excellent quality pasta. In over fifty years of its business activities, Industria Alimentare Ferraro has created a full line of traditional Italian dishes.