The Pasta Montegrappa skeins – line of egg pasta twisted into skeins – are an outstanding product, due to the high quality of ingredients used, the pasta dough, strict controls, and processing methods that respect all the nutritional contents and enhance flavor.With its unmistakable soft and consistent pasta dough, colored yellow by eggs, with an elongated and rough surface, they are a unique pleasure to be enjoyed every day and on special occasions.



The soft and rustic pasta dough, with its porous surface, absorbs sauces in an extraordinary manner, enhancing flavor and preserving the typical richness of homemade pasta, always soft and consistent.
Perfectly holds cooking consistency and easy to dose, since each basket is equivalent to one portion (63g). The pasta twisted into skeins allows for easy use and breaks less frequently.



The new packaging, with a clear and motivating design, ensures easy readability for the consumer and great visual impact on shelves.
The new elegant and refined image enhances the pasta and its particular quality, increases product appeal, communicates its characteristics, and clearly distinguishes it from its competitors.

1.3 mm

Tagliolini all’uovo

2 mm

Spaghetti alla chitarra all’uovo

3 mm

Fettuccine all’uovo

3 mm

Fettuccine verdi all’uovo

3 mm

“Paglia e fieno” Fettuccine

4.8 mm

Tagliatelline all’uovo

6.5 mm

Tagliatelle all’uovo

6.5 mm

Tagliatelle verdi all’uovo

12.5 mm

Lasagnette all’uovo

17 mm

Pappardelle all’uovo

6.5 mm

“Paglia e fieno” Tagliatelle

250 g

500 g

2 Kg

Linea Catering

Egg Lasagnette

Egg Fettuccine

Green egg Tagliatelle

Egg Tagliatelle

Gold and green Fettuccine


Laminated egg pasta

Cold mixing to preserve the most

of its organoleptic characteristics

Old mixing tradition

Rough surface

Incredible growth during cooking

Ingredients: Durum wheat semolina, egg (20%)

Market positioning: Premium

Storage: Cool and dry place

Size available: 250g /500g /2Kg


250gr/500gr: Folding Box + Carton box

2kg: Bag + Box (Catering)

Cottura: 5 – 7 minutes in boiling water

Shelf Life: 18 Months