Quality and service

The quality and convenience of our products, along with the punctuality and quality of its supply service, are the main strengths of the company’s organization, always flexible in meeting the needs of its clients. For this reason, Industria Alimentare Ferraro is the ideal business partner for large retail chains and food companies. Among its clients, the company has major international groups, large retail chains, and the most important brands in the food sector. Industria Alimentare Ferraro operates mainly in foreign markets, while it is also growing in the domestic market.

Certifications: a strict standard

In 1994, Industria Alimentare Ferraro was one of the first companies to obtain the ISO 9002 Certification (later ISO 9001: 2000). The quality system and several branches of Industria Alimentare Ferraro are certified by important bodies and laboratories. The company’s production and organizational processes take place according to strict criteria, in order to guarantee the best quality for their products. Industria Alimentare Ferraro’s Community recognition number is: IT T5F7C CE, with regard to the production of food products, and also takes advantage of the support of the ACCREDIA laboratory, which is accredited and authorized by the Ministry of Health for the controls to carry out established by European regulations and national legislation. The company was one of the first to obtain the BRC and, subsequently, the IFS issued by the BUREAU VERITAS certifying body. Last but not least, the self-controlling H.A.C.C.P. system should be mentioned, also in operation since 1994. In addition, the company has an RSPO Certification for the palm oil it utilizes, and certification for organic products, both issued by the ICEA body.