Sir Pietro Ferraro

created a

small artisanal workshop

with the name,

Pastificio Montegrappa.


Spaghetti, penne, and macaroni

were just a few of the types

of pasta made with care

and attention by Mr. Pietro.




The total reorganization

of its production

specializes in

the distribution of two formats,

in particular:

lasagna and

tagliatelle noodles in skein.


The transformation of the company,

and the new technologies applied to

the production department, allowed

the Ferraro family to establish itself

in a market with an ever more

insistent demand.




During this period,

another evolution

took place for the

identity of the company.


It went from an individually-owned business

to a Limited Liability Company,

thanks to the collaboration of Mr. Ferraro’s sons.

The new generations allowed

the company to look towards the future

with new perspectives while keeping

its original values intact.




The purchase of a second plant

definitely celebrated

the new management stage

for the company.


The project, which dates back to 1952,

was materialized with a significant expansion

of its product range,

which included production in various markets,

such as fresh food, frozen,

stuffed dry pasta,

as well as frozen and

room temperature ready meals.




Today, the company’s production plant expands

over 15,000 square meters

of covered area,

with 10 production lines.


From traditional

tagliatelle noodles to laminated lasagna,

from stuffed dry, fresh and frozen pasta,

to packaged ready meals.

Its current offer

is the richest ever.


After 60 years, Ferraro products

maintain the quality and

virtues of the unforgettable

Pastificio Montegrappa.